Speech, vision, and seizure improvement in 2-year-old...
-Eli K


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Our Vision
"To bring people closer to their inborn, God-given potential than they ever thought possible"
Our Mission
We consistently deliver results that people can see and feel through:
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Technology and Research
  • Lifestyle Coaching and Choices
  • The Power of the Chiropractic Adjustment
The Turning Pointe Story
Turning Pointe Chiropractic was established on February 14, 2001 by Dr. Linn Erickson and his wife Brenda (“Erickson Advanced Chiropractic Center” back then). After having worked as an associate with some of the largest wellness-based, family-focused chiropractic offices in the country, Dr. Linn Erickson decided to return to his hometown of Lincoln, NE and open a chiropractic wellness center that would provide the highest level of chiropractic care possible with a focus on rehabilitating the structure and function of the spine and nervous system.
He also sought to provide powerful and inspirational education for people to make changes in their lifestyle that would promote the highest levels of well-being in every aspect of life. This combination of the right care and the right choices results in people realizing their God-given health potential, and helps them avoid dangerous medications and surgery. Ultimately, patients get results they can feel and see.
The team keeps up with the latest research to their very best for each person.  If a person is honest about her/his goals, is willing to learn, and is willing to work with us, then we will do all that we can to see his or her expectations met or exceeded.
Since our humble beginnings, we have grown in terms of size, volume, and services. But several years and hundreds of satisfied practice members later, our vision, mission, values and service standards remain the same. “Turning Pointe” (our new name) is a reflection of what many of our practice members tell us that our office has been for them: a “turning point” in their lives where they chose to turn from what had not been working for them and take a new direction in their health and lives (many times entire families are involved).
5757 South 34th Street, Suite 300 - Lincoln, NE 68516 - (402) 323-8833